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siberian husky pups



4 lovely girls born on 30 august 2019
1 black and white
3 copper and white
this is the 2nd and last litter from my daughters lovely red girl , she is going to be fixed after this litter.
she has been a great mum , but i think she will be happy to see these nipple biters gone
Huskies properly looked after make very rewarding pets that will enjoy your company and be very safe with children.
Huskies left to their own devices get bored and become escape artists, if the owner fails to establish their position as leader.
be prepared to put in the time that an husky requires.
they are full of energy and will need a fully fenced property, 1.8m-2m high, good quality fencing.
The husky was born to run, not walk, every day. A ‘walk’ for these dogs is a jog.
please research the breed , they are a great addition , but you will need to put the effort in .
a $400 non refundable deposit will be required to hold your pup till it is ready to be picked up after it has had its vaccinations at 8 weeks (which is being done on the 26th of october)

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