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Ragdoll Cats

Blue point and seal point


This is a hard decision for me but I have come to the conclusion that they are better off in a more freer environment as I will be moving into an apartment that doesnt allow pets.


$500 – Blue point – purebred ragdoll – boy and super cuddly

$200 – Seal point – ragdoll x siamese – girl and loves to cuddle up next to you


They are super great kitties but they deserve a better lifestyle.

They can be sold separately but they would be better off going together as they are all they’ve ever known and are the best of friends. They are kind to guests, a bit shy at first but with some time they will come along. They are clean and hate mess. They are litter box trained and dont make mess inside. They eat basically anything meaty and like the occasional biscuits. Drink plenty of water and are all around great kitties. I have taken them outside for a bit and they dont run away but they are mostly inside cats so may need time to be let outside. Please text if you want more info.

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