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Purebred British Bulldog Puppies

Purebred British Bulldog Puppies


Our beautiful fur baby has recently become a mother to healthy babies . Both Mother and Father are purebreed British Bulldog. Mother has been in our family for 3 years, she is the most gentle , loving companion. We have raised her with 2 young children and cannot express the special bond that has flourished. Father is a big brindle boy , with energy like a tank. He is super handsome , curious and one gentle giant. British Bulldogs are a placid , cruisey breed that will appreciate anytime they can lounge around in the sun. You must be welcoming to snoring and grunting! Both parents have no Heath problems, no respiratory issues, cherry eye or hip & elbow problems. No papers are included. Photos will be added as they grow. $500 deposit will be required. Ready end of March.

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