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Pekinese x Pomeranian Female

5 Years Old - Located in Levin


Due to having to move properties in the next 8 weeks and struggling to find a rental property that will allow us to have pets is a nightmare we have no option but to rehome her.

Poppy is a Pekinese X Pomeranian , She is 5 Years old (Coming up 5) , Un-Desexed , She has never had a litter of pups , she knows basic commands as sit , stay , go to ┬ábed , hungry (she goes nuts if you ask her if she’s hungry) , walk , shake , go in the car etc.

she can be a good guard dog not scary but she thinks she’s 6 foot tall and bullet proof as little dogs think they are , but she will let you know if anyone turns up.

poppy weighs around 3.8kg’s

poppy loves going to the river , beach , etc

she was originally brought from animates in hamilton , i brought her off a elderly lady 3 years ago she had to rehome poppy as she was moving from a house in hamilton to a apartment building in auckland.

currently un-registered.

we are located in levin please get in touch if you would like to met her.

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