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LaPerm kitten



Outathablu Cattery has a LaPerm male kitten available. Already desexed, vaccinated and up to date with shots, this young man is looking for his furrever home.  His price is reflective of him being a slightly older kitten (6 months old). We have a younger litter which will be advertised soon @ $650

The LaPerm 

The LaPerm is a unique combination of curly hair and an affectionate playful personality, both of which set the breed apart from others. One cannot deny the love and affection a LaPerm will shower upon its owner nor the curly or wavy hair that also makes the breed so interesting.

Many people comment that their personality is quite canine. They seek human contact and will purr as soon as they become aware of your presence. Inquisitive by nature, they always want to know what is going on around them. They will reach for your face with their paws and rub their faces against your head, neck and face. They beg to be held, draped over a shoulder or held in your arms

This is a breed that needs to be around people more than perhaps any other They have strong bonding instincts that make them gentle loving companions

The breed is low maintenance requiring a minimum of grooming as the coat does not easily mat. The coat is also somewhat hypo-allergenic making the breed a bonus for some that suffer from allergies to cats or asthma. For allergy sufferers, regular bathing is recommended.

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