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Gorgeous Fluffy Ragdoll x kittens

6 beautiful kittens born 14th August


Available to selected indoor homes are 6 very beautiful, fluffy, healthy kittens.

Mum is a stunning bluepoint mitted Ragdoll/Oriental cross

Dad is a big, fluffy, loving sealpoint, mitted Ragdoll/Birman cross

The kittens will each have a thorough health check done by my vet and receive their 1st vaccination at approx 10 weeks of age and have regular worming treatments plus before leaving home will each be treated with Broadline.

They are only 7 weeks at present and I am pretty sure there is only 1 female but my vet will confirm this when he gives each one a health check.

The Queen and her kittens are being fed quality Royal Canin mother and kitten biscuits as well as Royal Canin soft tinned kitten food

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