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Golden retriever petite

Golden retriever x cavlier kings charles spaniel


Listing on behalf….Mom is a small gold golden retriever that is heavily coated.she is sweet.calm.quiet.loves water even a puddle will do in a is a cruisy and kind cavliver king cross spaniel.i have never heard him growl.he is 11yrs old and fit as a fiddle.a real testament to his health in moving forward.the puppies are too.pups will have the hybrid vigour of a mixed breed.this breed is very popular over in Europe. Very very realy seen in nz.pups wil mature to approximately 1/2size of mum.mum is is 8kg.these pups wil be great as therapy dogs.obedenice candidates.or for seniors and famlies..the puppies are rich red gold colour and i expect a beautiful full coat.all in all a mini golden retriver..

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