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French Bulldog Girls



Two female French bulldogs for sale.

The older girl, born Jan 2017 is in first 3 photos.
She is de-sexed and perfect for a loving home.
She has been DNA tested and not at risk.
She is a kind natured dog and very friendly, she loves to spend time with us either on the couch or at our feet in the office (No cold feet in winter)
She is gentle and love’s affection and walks.
When fed by hand you would suspect that she does not have any teeth, she is so gentle and has never snatched food out of my have. We have taught her to almost never bark.
She is going for $3500 neg.

Little girl 7 months old, born 09.10.18 comes with papers and would suit a family home with potential of breeding. She is Dogs NZ registered and comes from parents who are DNA tested and 100% healthy.
She is full of life and would love you spend all day playing, chasing, and if you look at her it’s like you just made her day.
Life is still to exciting to stop of a cuddle but a pat and throw something for her to chase and you will have the happiest dog ever, she is starting to get the idea of fetch.
She is going for $4500 neg.

They are both very loyal and intelligent and with a willingness to be part of the family. They are friendly with children, cats and other dogs.

My reason for selling is: I had an accident and hurt my back. So far I had one operation and will be having more. I can’t look after my family and pets like I used to and need to lighten the load on me. I go through lots of pain daily and makes it hard to move and walk.

If you would like more details, please contact me. I’m happy to answer any questions you may have, about the sale of the girls.

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