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Chocolate Tortoiseshell Persian

ex-breeding queen


“Fifi” is a retired Persian breeding queen, having finished her maternal duties, is now looking or her own special home where she can be the spoilt centre of attention, DOB 06/10/2017

My breeding programme specialsies in the rare recessive chocolate colours and Fifi is a lovely example of the chocolate tortoiseshell colour. Not seen very often .

She is a gentle and loving girl, ideally suited as a companion for a single person or older couple.. She has a beautiful long fluffy coat and is used to being groomed regularly and is also easy to bath and blow dry. She has been speyed, is up to date with worming and vaccinations, and is fully litter box trained. She is also microchipped and the number will be transferred to the new owner.

Fifi has always been 100% an indoor housecat, so she has no knowledge or understanding of outdoor dangers such as cars, dogs, other cats and cruel people. She will only go to a home where she can continue to be a house girl, or where there is an enclosed outdoor area that will keep her safe.

If you think that you could offer my beautiful girl a safe and loving new home please email me with details about yourself your family and lifestyle. Or feel free to call me to discuss.

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