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Belgian Shepadoodles

Standard poodle x Belgian Shepherd


5 beautiful Belgian shepadoodle pups, born 12/08/19
2 female and 3 male.

Mother is a registered purebred fawn coloured Tervuren Belgian Shepherd.

Father is a pedigree black standard poodle.

Both Parents have been DNA tested so puppies will have no heritable conditions.

Both parents are loved family pets.

The Belgian Shepadoodle brings the intelligence and loyalty of the Standard Poodle together with the super-energized and protective nature of the Belgian Sheepdog for a dog who makes an ideal watchdog and great family pet. It also combines the hypoallergenic trait of the poodle into the shepherd breed.
Read more about the breed here:

Belgian Shepadoodle

Pups will be vaccinated, wormed, flea’d and vet checked.
Pups will be available from 7/10/19.

These puppies have been well socialized in a busy family home and have a cheeky loving character.

Available to kind loving homes, where they will have lots of love and attention as they are a very social breed that requires companionship.

Price includes transportation of the pup to you.

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