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2 Female Baby Guinea Pigs & 3 Adult Males (Himalayan, Sheltie & Abysinnian)

Babies and Rescues Available


Based in Turangi. Please look how far away I am before messaging as I have lots of people backing out last minute due to distance.

I am an experienced, reputable & considerate hobbyist breeder who can give you a lifetime of advice. My guinea pigs are my much loved hobby and I breed to cover the costs of feeding my clan! Rest assured that these animals come from a loving home where they are very well cared for.
I also run a guinea pig rescue where I take in any unwanted guinea pigs and find them forever homes. All my guineas are used to my gentle and well behaved dogs running around the place, along with my orphan goats and lambs!

There are 2 baby sisters available to go as a pair – all white and black and ginger mottled. They are short to medium coated and very sweet. They are weaned and ready to leave now. They were born on 22.8.20. $75 for the pair.

Males: Sinbad the Abysinnian (white, black and ginger ball of fluff) This gentleman is 4 years young and is looking for a loving home where he can retire and enjoy the peaceful life. He sits still for cuddles and loves taking carrots from your hand. He doesn’t get on with other males, but loves ladies to spend his days talking with, even if he’s not in their cage. He also enjoys being near other guinea boys so long as they are far enough away to not annoy him. Ideally he will go to a home where he will be near other guineas rather than in with them.

Alaksa the Himalayan (white/cream with dark pointed nose and ears) This little fellow is a very well bred 1.5 year old pedigree Himalayan, born in March 2019 (sorry no papers) who has been retired from breeding. He has sired a few litters and is now looking for a new home to either continue breeding or to be loved and admired as a pet. He sadly doesn’t get along with Sinbad or Oscar but he does get along with young males and has proved to be quite the gentle step-dad, providing excellent company for weaned baby boys. He could happily be bonded with a lone baby male looking for a companion.

Oscar the Sheltie (Cream/ ginger long haired handsome boy) This very sweet young chap is a real character and friendly pig, always nose in the air sniffing for those carrots! He is 1 year old, born in September 2019. Again sadly doesn’t get along with Alaksa or Sinbad, but is currently living happily with 2 young males who are shortly going to their forever home, which will leave him lonely. He makes an excellent step-dad and never argues or is silly with the baby boys. He also will make a great companion for any lone baby male looking for a friend.

Please note that the boys have a $20 re-homing fee to ensure the buyer understands that guinea pigs cost money to keep, not a lot, but still a commitment.

Guinea pigs make excellent house or garden pets, naturally being very inquisitive, cheeky, fascinating to watch and great for keeping you company. They are 10 times better to watch than the tv. They are happy to be handled and equally as happy to just be left and admired, they almost never bite and are inexpensive to keep (in small numbers!)
It amazes me that some people after a short while re-home their guineas for “not giving them the time they deserve” as I say, they are perfectly happy being left untouched, as long as 10 minutes a day are spent giving fresh water, topping up the hay and pellets and chopping them fresh fruit and veggies.

My pigs run big clean spaces, are well cared for & fed a varied high vitamin C diet. All are regularly wormed, treated for mites and ticks with lasting protection and nails trimmed. All teeth and jaws are checked for common jaw problems, over/under-bites and teeth length. Any problem pigs that come to me will stay with me for life, they won’t be re-homed. You are looking at healthy animals that will live a long and happy life of up to 7 years.

$10 non-refundable deposit secures. Forever homes please. They can be reserved for specific dates/ birthdays, anything can be arranged for the right home 🙂
My number is 0277643101 if you would like to get in touch or need any advice. I always have guinea pigs coming up for adoption so please get in touch.

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