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Australian Bombay cats

Brother and sister


Ebony and Delaney are Australian Bombay cats now the breed is known as Bombay.

this breed of cat is often known in the at world as the little mini panther because of their looks.

their original breeding comes from the Burmese cats and the British black shorthair

they have  a glossy black shiny coat and copper colored eyes to match hence the term .

they love attention and love to lie  around in the sunny spots of the house and suited ideally as the indoor cats as this is how they have been brought up .

they both love attention and are very affectionate and will show the affection back as they love to cuddle up on your lap

both  of these two cats we would like to rehome together .

Ebony and Delaney are about two years old and ex show cats and are looking for their new home as we are registered breeders for this breed now as well ,they are both registered with NZCF of new Zealand and are both desexed and will have full vaccinations and vet check.

they would be ideally suited as the only cats in the house as they can be territorial

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