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Adorable Trained Black Lab Pups



I have these two beautiful girls available from the 14th of September. They are currently 8 weeks old, they can both sit and are doing really with toilet training. When these girls are ready for their new home they will be able to sit (They already can) Lay down and wait. We will also be toilet training them and teaching them to use a dog flap.

Your pup will also be socialised with children, cats, chickens, sheep and other dogs.
While your pup is with me we will cover: – Sit – Stay – Lay down – Wait to eat on command – Toilet training
I will also show your how to continue on this training and show you how to retain the obedience achieved during training.
Nationwide in person delivery can be arranged at your cost (Covid depending) or I can fly your pup from Dunedin to anywhere in NZ (Roughly $500 but this will be confirmed when we book the flights)
A little bit about us, we live in a small farmlet with sheep, cattle and chickens in North Otago. I am a stay at home mum to our one and a half year old son in addition to looking after two preschoolers part time who both adore animals. We also have two cats and a 3 year old Labrador.
I have been inspired to do this after seeing so many puppies being rehomed or left at shelters due to ‘bad behavior’ when in reality it is just a lack of training. I understand a lot of people don’t actually know how to train a dog or just don’t have the time or energy to do it which is where I come in! I will take all the stress off you (and your carpet!!) and do all of the hard work so you will receive a beautiful trained puppy which will know it’s place in the home.
It is however important to remember that when you receive her, she will still be a puppy so accidents will still happen especially while she is getting used to her new environment and you will still need to allocate time to training her but the ground work will be done for you.
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