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4 year old Burmese Cat



$450 neg

Buffy is a four year old choclotate Burmese Cat. She has been shown and been a breeding gueen for us here at Heatherlea.

She has decided that motherhood is not her cup of tea.
She has recently been desexed, dental check up and vaccinated.

She will be ready for a fur-ever home in approx 3 weeks time.

I have tried very hard to settle her into our home with my current pet cats and dogs. Sadly this has not worked out for Buffy. She hasnt coped wtih having 4 adult cats and kittens that come inside for socialising once weaned. My 3 dogs are small and very vocal which worried her somewhat.

She will go to her new home with her favourite bed, sleeping sack, electric blanket with covers, toys and Royal Canin food.

BUT I am going to be very particular with who gets her due to her uniqueness and being such a super special girl who has given us some stunning babies and deserves the best home that is most suitable for her. Below are some of the criteria that I feel would be best suited for her;
1. She must be the only pet in the home, possibly may suit with a quiet dog, but def no other cats.
2. Her human friend must be home at least 75% of the time.
3. You must have lots of patients as she may take some time to settle, once she does I’m sure she will be your best friend ever.
4. Must be an indoor home only.
5.She will require an annual check up with your vet for a vaccine booster and dental check up aswell as a general check up.
6. You must be committed to keeping a good eye on her weight. She is a solid girl who adores her food. Burmese can develop diabetes if let get obese.
7. If you whatever reason you need to re home her she must come back to me.

In the first instance if you think you can offer Buffy a fur-ever home, please EMAIL me with information about yourself and the home you can provide for her. PLEASE dont be offended if I say no, as I need to provide
Buffy with the best option available for her.


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