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4 cute kittens



We have 4 cute kittens now at 7 weeks and ready to be homed.  These are not pedigree kittens.  (Note that there is an extra kitten which is homed already.)

The litter is the third between the same male / female cats – Freya and Odin have a long history.

Odin (male / father) is a large tabby with white underbelly.  He is a moggie but very handsome and possibly has some maine coon blood as he resembles a lynx and is a big cat.

Freya (female / mother) is a grey tabby and a very good Mum that constantly steals food from the kitchen bench.

The litter was born on 23/10 in our hot water cupboard where they stayed for a week or so before being re-housed in a wardrobe with a room they could use.  All kittens are litter trained and recently weaned from their Mother.  They now have the run of the house!

A brief description of each as follows (per first photo):

  1. Grey tabby female – white underbelly, very pretty, a lovely personality
  2. Brown / Black tabby female- white underbelly, distinctive face, was a bit shy now one of the crew
  3. Grey tabby male (housed already)
  4. Brown / Black tabby male – playful and cute
  5. White /Grey spotted (male) – a real character this one, always has a guilty look

We are asking $100 each to cover our costs.

All kittens are yet to be vaccinated but have been wormed / flea treated.


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