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Code Of Animal Welfare

  1. All animals listed on The Pet Hub must comply with the Animal welfare act of New Zealand.
  2. Puppies and kittens need to be at least 8 weeks of age before being sold in order to be properly developed, and also be in good health.
  3. All animals are to be up to date with worming and flea treatments prior to sale.
  4. All puppies listed must come from parents that are registered with their local council.
  5. It is preferable that all cats and dogs are microchipped, vaccinated and health checked by a veterinarian prior to leaving for their new home.
  6. All animals should be sold with documentation outlining the current diet and care that the animal is currently familiar with.
  7. All animals where necessary must be health tested, and if it is queried and testing has been completed, when possible, please provide the results of the tests.  Test results should include the microchip number of the animal.  For security reasons, I would suggest that the purchaser covers their physical address.